Day 5 Trinidad de Arre -Urtega

After an amazing night in the monastery (the best night’s sleep so far… I guess I got at least 5 hours uninterrupted sleep) the current two members of the gang (myself and Randy, the Canadian guy) decided on an early start and we were up and walking by 7am ish. Oh, I took a photo of inside and didn’t include it in yesterday’s post so here it is, to be honest the photo doesn’t do justice to how amazing it looked and felt inside..

We covered the 5km into Pamplona at a speed that an Olympic Sprinter would have been proud of. A quick stop for a cafe con leche and a sugar covered pastry and we were on our way. As we were setting off who should we bump into but the injured member of team tortoise Carla! (Who we christened Candy just to give the individual team members names a poetic feel). She was having a rest day but seemed much improved so hopefully she’ll catch us up soon, to be honest it’s probably not that difficult.

Heading out of Pamplona I began to get some discomfort in one of my toes, minutes later we bumped into a solo lady traveller who just happened to be a doctor.. within seconds, it was shoe off, toe examined and surgery performed. (Ok all I needed was a bandaid but it was still probably beyond my medical Knowledge and super kind of her to deal with my pilgrim’s foot considering she had never seen me before) and then the three of us hit the trail again.. apparently the Camino provides and so far this had been 100% true

The day’s hills were still In front of us (medium but not death defying like earlier hills) and I decided it was time to stop for some sugary drinks and a banana (I don’t know what’s come over me, two pieces of fruit in two days, I’ll be eating vegetables if this trend continues).

The climb up and over the Alto del Perdon was hard work but I did get up close to the statutes of the pilgrim’s along the ridge at the top so the hour long constant uphill slog was completely worth it

The route down the other side was steep and strewn with rocks which put huge strain on my feet and knees.. I think I’ll survive but my career as a 110m hurdler is very probably over. I was very glad I had bumped into our new buddy Amanda (obviously rechristened as Mandy to fit in with the gang.. we were now up to Andy, Randy, Candy and Mandy)

Finally to Uterga where we found a great little albergue and crashed for the night.

Dinner across the road at a different bar and then in bed and tucked up by 8.30.. hardly a rock and roll lifestyle but I think I could get used to it (as long as my toes don’t fall off).

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Trinidad de Arre -Urtega

  1. Andywild, I guessed you were using just your blog, so finally went on a hunt. Had to then go on a hunt to reset my password as it must be 1000 years since I opened WordPress. Point is, your pre camino posts were so funny. I look forward to following the rest of it. Glad you liked Arre. Very nice guy running that, and you are correct it is one of, if not the oldest albergue in use. Keep the laughs coming, though I am sure there will be moments….

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  2. Congratulations on your progress so far, especially the climb to Orisson which I remember as a real killer. Also the descent from Alto de Perdon which as you say was boulder strewn, wet and slippery when I walked it. Look after your feet!

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