Day 14 San Juan de Ortega – Orbeneja Riopico

A slightly warmer start than yesterday and thankfully no rain. The was no offer of breakfast or even coffee in the albergue and the only bar doesn’t open until 9am so I grabbed a can of coke to get my caffeine/sugar hit and set off with the other members of team tortoise. We now have 5 members having picked up Susan along the way. A few km later and we arrived at a village by the name of Agés, a small place but it had a bar that was open and sold coffee and vegetable pasties !!

In the background you may be able to see a couple of the team.. Jessie and Randy snuck into the photo..

I left Agés with my coffee craving satisfied and climbed a medium size hill that was just about breezy enough to blow the pastie crumbs from my beard. A swift stop for a smoke and a photo opportunity and we were on our way back down toward our destination for the day.

We had decided that we would have a very easy day. A couple of us had a few niggling pains and didn’t fancy the extra 11km into Burgos so we got to Orbeneja and booked into an albergue that was above a bar. A quick whip round for dirty clothes to share a washing machine, swap the walking shoes for sandals and it was time for a beer and a snack. Approximately 4 hours after we had set off this morning we were a huge 12km closer to Santiago and done for the day.. time to break out some serious Camino fashion…

I’m amazed that I’m not having to fend off hordes of adoring females with such impressive footwear!

7 thoughts on “Day 14 San Juan de Ortega – Orbeneja Riopico

  1. Socks in sandals are, I’m reliably informed, considered ‘camino chic’, so no worries there. The river route into Burgos would make a nice stroll into town tomorrow. Lucky you!

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  2. You are a chuckle Andy!
    Keep reading on Ivar’s forum about the massive crowds and fighting for bed space presently.
    Is that why you’ve slowed it down a notch? To avoid the crowds?
    I’m getting a tad concerned about my upcoming walk …didn’t want it to be one distraught with having to worry whether there will a bed

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    1. The bed thing had kind of grown the last few days. I honestly couldn’t say if it’s a huge issue though. Most people do Brierly stages and if you don’t then it’s calmer. Plus it depends on what time you plan to stop walking each day.. 5-6pm maybe an issue??


  3. socks and sandals, Did you knot your hankie at the corners and put it on your head. You’ll have the fashion police after you😂😂. Enjoying your posts Andy,

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  4. You are definitely in camino fashion wear!
    Try to find the river walk into Burgos

    After walking around the fields you come to the main road onto Burgos
    Don’t turn right as that will be along sidewalk they the industrial zone

    Instead cross the street and go straight
    In a block or two the riverpath will become evident
    Lots of people walking running biking along it

    You and
    Your camino friends are doing great and thanks for daily updates !

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  5. I hope you’re wearing clean socks or you’ll be fending off hoards of flies bro 😂😂😂xx

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  6. Very much enjoying that you are off the Brierly stages… I also use the Wise Pilgrim, and am sending Dear Spouse ahead of me for 300k on his own before we meet up this summer. He will also use the WP Guide — which has no stages. I hold firm to my assertion that Brierly wrecked the Camino…. best not to be guided, only informed, I think.
    Not sure what your life is like in “the real world”, but before I did the CF in 2014 I was very much a “formal office attire” person. By Burgos, I no longer cared to do so much as brush my hair. On return to my “real life” I have not put on another suit unless it was for a funeral. I live my whole life in active wear, and if I’m wearing sandals, they have socks… and I am hiking. Life is so much better that way. And I haven’t had to replace the lifts on my fancy pumps in 4 years now…
    Ultriea et susseia!

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