Day 19 Fromista – Fromistra

Yes you read the title correctly, today we managed just over 100meters. Obviously I was pushing for a 30-40km day but was outvoted by the rest of the group. The general consensus was that a rest day would do us all good so we left the albergue and booked into a 5 bed room in a hotel on the other side of the village.

By 9am the bags were dropped off and everyone was milling around drinking coffee or getting shouted for being too old to be playing on the children’s swing park (Jessie).

I was like a caged Tiger, having to quash my natural urge to power through a 30km day was difficult but after a good 2 or 3 seconds I relented and decided I would enjoy the day off.

The hotel was definitely a step up from our usual accommodation. Our own private room meant not having to share bathrooms or be surrounded by a nighttime chorus of coughing and snoring (although to be fair I think most of the coughing and snoring emanates from my direction anyway)

The rest of the day was quite calm, a siesta, couple of drinks, food and chatting. The weather has definitely picked up, the cold winds had blown themselves and the clouds away leaving a blazing hot sun. The locals sat outside the bar with their children playing nearby while fair skinned people like myself (I’m a true sun-fearing ginger) sought out a nice spot in the shade.

Tomorrow looks like a 19km day, not too excessive distance-wise but across the meseta there isn’t much shade. 2 litres of water and 3 litres of factor 50 sunblock is probably a wise move. But enough about tomorrow, there’s a few hours of today left and I’m not planning on standing up for more than two minutes at a time. Here’s to days off!!

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Fromista – Fromistra

  1. Good for you!! Sounds lovely xx

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  2. Andy It might be too short of a hike, But if you have the time and feel like it, the Alberge La Finca (3 km out of Fromista just before the village of Poblacion De Campos) is a wonderful place, It’s newly built and one of the best Alberges on the Camino in my opinion.


  3. Good idea to take a rest day. We just left Leon after a sort of rest day (took the bus there). I’m. Enjoying your blog since you are just a few days behind us. At Leon I recommend taking a bus or taxi out of town. Much nicer. Have fun!

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  4. I hear you Andy, we arrive in Burgos tomorrow and 7 of us have booked a house on air bnb. Intend to sleep in till checkout 1pm


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