Day 20- Fromista to Carrión

After a great day at the hotel Apostol it was time to put on the walking shoes and don the backpack. I assumed that a day’s rest would have me skipping along whistling Barry Manilow tunes as I whizzed past less rested pilgrims. (I’d also had my beard expertly combed by Jessie so not only did I feel good but I looked rather sharp too)

Initially the truth was diametrically opposite. It appears that my day off had fooled my body into thinking the walking was done, my muscles had reverted to their usual jelly-like state and the weight of the backpack caused me to emit a small”huooomf” noise as the 20 or so pounds settled into my unsuspecting shoulders. I staggered around (mostly backward) for a minute or two and decided that a coffee and a smoke may help shock my body into compliance.

At this point I’d just like to reiterate how bloody lovely the hotel Apostol was. If you get a chance to stay, eat or even pop in for a drink I urge you to do so. The owners/staff are 100% Amazing (with a capital A)

Fuelled by caffeine/nicotine I hit the road and quickly found a comfortable rhythm. The path ran arrow straight along the side of a road and the first 13km section was soon behind me .

A brief stop for water and a smoke at a bar (where I got a flower off Susan and met a donkey.. what more could you ask for?) gave the 5 members of team tortoise a chance to catch up and swap hellos and we were off again to complete the remaining 6km before the day got too hot. (There is absolute no shade and it was a very sunny day). Randy and I set off first and spent an hour or so righting the world’s wrongs, something which I think we excel at (contact our manager to book us for talk shows or if you need someone to give a very inappropriate speech at an upcoming function).

The 6km into Carrión entailed more of the same.. straight road flanked by a straight path.. some people say walking along a road spoils the camino but it was pleasant enough for me and I enjoyed the lack of hills I plodded along the level gravel path.

We booked into the albergue Espiritu Santos (lovely place, lovely people, no bunk beds) and spent the afternoon doing washing, getting showered and generally milling around enjoying the act of not walking more than 30 steps at a time.

On that note I’ll call it a day. Time to air the blisters and try and talk someone into massaging my aching legs (unlikely).

Buen Camino!!


10 thoughts on “Day 20- Fromista to Carrión

  1. Espíritu Santos is a great hostel. We stayed there in April. Saw a naked lady in the male showers, had to split up non-married couples on order of an octogenarian nun, had great snoring contest with a fellow pilgrim and was told to go to bed by the nuns at 10 30 (especially mobile phone use!). A proper carry-on in Carrion (need to be of a certain age to get this reference) … oooh Matron!
    Enjoy the next week … loving your blog.

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  2. You are having a wonderful Camino! Your feet will eventually forget the hard times and look back fondly on your walk!

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  3. Great posts! We are in SJPdP starting tomorrow to Orrison. I hope to keep your sense of humour along the way. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thanks for reading my ramblings!! Let me know how you got on with your first day 😀


  4. You are the best. We really enjoy your posts and especially your look on life.
    We leave SJPDP tomorrow May 8th.
    Cheers – keep walking. 👍

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  5. You mean, Randy is your match? Don’t know if the budget could afford two of you for a speech! Well done, Andy and team tortoise, and thanks again for sharing.

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  6. Stayed there too. great place. Almost got locked out …again

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  7. Really enjoying ready this blog, Andy, we are both like two horses at the starting gate and can’t wait till August to start our camino. Stevenlou

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying it. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve gone for a less informative approach and focused more on general waffling.. it’s more my style 🙂


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