Day 30 Molenaseca – Cacabelos

After a pleasant night in the albergue in Molenaseca the 3 of us set off towards Cacabelos. We were joined by a walker that Susan had met a while back and the four of us trundled along the first 7km into Ponferrada

We stopped at a cafe in a pleasant square and enjoyed a coffee and a ludicrously unhealthy cake (I’m sure I’m getting chubbier as I go along). Next to our table the was a lovely straw donkey.. we decided to call him Randy…

We wound our way through the town (some nice views from the bridge back toward the castle) and headed back onto the trail.

From there on it was back into the hills and a pleasant dusty track flanked by vineyards.. I noticed that they were unlike the bare stumps that I passed 2 weeks and 300km ago. New leaves were sprouting with the promise of the grapes to come.

Along the way I bumped into two walkers from Canada. We spent a few km walking and chatting, they had done a different route and were doing a YouTube video diary. I swapped details and promised I would attempt to include a link in case anyone reading this fancied having a look.. I have no idea if this will work but feel free to let me know.

I soon reached Cacabelos and found myself a bar to sit and wait for Jessie and Susan. Obviously my gazelle-like pace had taken me in front and they were a few minutes behind. I ordered a coke and got tapas for free.. unfortunately I’m not a big fan of fish.. I can’t even look at a fish finger and so, alas the headless piscine corpse was left un-nibbled.

We booked into the municipal albergue and I popped into the village to grab a drink and hunt down something less fishy to eat..

A peel of thunder rolled across the sky as I was halfway through my bocadillo and all I could do was imagine how my nearly dry washing was about to get another rinse. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain for too long. I need to get back before 10pm and don’t fancy braving the downpour in socks and sandals.. on that note I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of the bridge next to the albergue..

Buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “Day 30 Molenaseca – Cacabelos

  1. Jackie duda ( an odd coincidence, my name and my email, eh?) May 17, 2018 — 5:51 pm

    Yes, the embeded video worked perfectly! We would love to see more video from you…perhaps a short puppet show with those sore doggies at the end of your feet?
    Buen Camino!


  2. The straw donkey looks a bit of a lad. Good pics from the albergue. You are going well Andy. Quite the pro now!

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  3. Great pictures Andy.

    Liked by 1 person

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