day 38 Palas del Rei – Melide

Another day and another goodbye. Ama and I left the albergue around 8am and headed into town for a coffee. We had planned different destinations today so I would be walking around 15km while Ama would continue another 10 or so km further.

We finished our drinks and headed off at a comfortable pace, again we would be passing through several small villages and my 15km target allowed plenty of time to stop along the route. The crowds of pilgrims that joined at Sarria seemed to have thinned slightly but it’s rare that I could look 50m In front and behind and not see at least 10 other walkers. There is also a large group of kids that are travelling with their teachers and tour guides, and while they all seem pleasant enough the incessant teenage chatter and out of tune singing often had me speeding up to try and get out of earshot. (Unfortunately they had split into groups so as I left one lot behind another appeared infront of me).

Along the way I bumped into a few people that I had met in previous days and caught up with the gossip. Some of them were nearing the end of their Camino, some were planning to continue to Finisterre. (One chap had walked from his house in Germany, he is on day 103)

When we walked alone Ama and I passed some time playing word games and Ama was definitely better (although I’m sure she made half of the answers up)…(she didn’t really, I’m just a sore loser).

We got to Melide at lunchtime and I found a bed in an albergue. Ama and I stopped at a bar and had a drink before saying our goodbyes and she set off for the extra few km leaving me to wander around the town on my own.

My albergue is full of healthy looking young people who are all preparing vegetables.. I’m having a glass of wine but think I will retire to my bunk before they try and make me eat some. (I have a chocolate donut in my backpack…. Real pilgrim food).

Another short day tomorrow and a strong chance that Randy will catch up.. obviously the quality of conversion will suffer but at least he doesn’t offer me vegetables so it’ll be great to have him back.

Ok, someone is waving a cucumber around and I think I just heard a glowingly-healthy German guy say “offer some to the chubby guy” .. it’s my cue to disappear.

Buen Donuts!


9 thoughts on “day 38 Palas del Rei – Melide

  1. Oh my God, sounds really traumatic. You need to make an early start in the morning to get away from those guys. On the other hand…..let them hit the trail with the lark 🐤🐤🐤

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  2. Hi Andy

    Very funny

    We are quite a bit behind you but look forward to your posts.

    Cheers from the Canadians

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    1. I’ve got myself a target pleasant Canadian buddy.. you lot make good caminoists!!


  3. We learned the “spacing dance” early – but had to deploy it far more often after Sarria. Noisy chatter behind you. Quick glance to assess their pace and volume. Often, just stopping for a long water break would get them ahead of us… Sometimes, especially when weacvidently started on Briefly stages, it would require a “shoe/sock off rest break” to find the quiet spot. You are a ninja! You will miss this dance in a few days…

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    1. To be honest I’m probably the noisy chatter guy that everyone tries to avoid 🙂

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  4. Just keep doin as the Romans do, er, the Spaniards…drink wine, lots of wine, to drown the memories…

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  5. Oh, Andy,, you should be well pleased with yourself. Buen camino, not far to go – for this time round!

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  6. Oh Andy, groan, vegetables. You’ve managed the uphill, the downhill, the thunderous deluges, and the headless fish, but vegetables…too much to ask of any pilgrim!

    Buen Camino.

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    1. I’m in a foreign land.. with foreign ideas but vegetables is just a step too far !!


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