Glossop to Edale – taking the beard for a walk.

Well I’ve been back from Santiago for well over a month. I’ve had urges to get out walking but real life has been getting in the way so I blocked out 3 days on the calendar and decided to head to the hills.

I dusted off my backpack, grabbed a few bits that would see me through 3 days (much less than the Camino kit), laced up my shiny new Salomons and jumped into the car to drive over to Glossop.

My first day was a comfortable 17ish km they would take me over a considerable hill and drop me down into edale (the official start to the Pennine way). I dumped the car and set off up somewhere on the map labelled Grouse butts, narrowly scratching the edge of the Twitchlings (I love the imagination the English put into place names) and headed toward the target, a large hill known as Kinder Scout.

An hour after leaving the car I was high in the peaks, looking down across miles of fields toward Manchester in the far-off distance. (I took lots of photos on a decent camera rather than my phone so will have to add the extra photos in a follow-on post once I get home. A couple of hours in and I was closing in on the boggy nature reserve that makes up a large part of kinder top.

The walking had been ok up till this point and I even managed a selfie near the top

I trudged across the moor/bog at the top and instantly lost any sign of a path. I spent the next hour or so leaping from one grassy tuft to the next, trying not to fall in any boggy holes (I was told later that luckily the weather had been dry for the last few weeks so the conditions were MUCH better than usual).

The final part of the walk was a drop down into the Vale of Edale where I had a youth hostel booked for the night.. a simple enough task you would think.. how wrong you would be..

My route took me down a path called Foxholes. A quick look at the map shows an awful lot of contour lines converging but surely it wouldn’t be too steep?…. The drop was death defying.

In the space of a km or so I dropped a good couple of hundred metres. There is no path, just a cascade of jagged boulders waiting to break an ankle or knee of anyone foolish enough to attempt wearing a full backpack.

The photo above was taken about 30 or so metres from the top looking back up to where I started my descent.. my knees and hips were already complaining and I had another half an hour or so of the same until I reached the bottom.

By the time I got to the bottom (Edale) I was a gibbering wreck. I ached from the bottom of my feet up to my fringe.. (well, where my fringe used to be). I staggered on jelly legs into the nearest pub and didn’t even flinch when I had to pay nearly £4 for a pint of shandy . (The person that owns the Ramblers Inn in Edale must have a solid gold tooth brush and mink pyjamas.. he can definitely afford them).

Once I’d suitably recovered from the preceding ordeal I hitched on my pack and completed the last mile or so to the youth hostel where I was staying for the night. For those of you that have never stayed in one (I hadn’t before) I can tell you that it was much better than I expected.. great staff, pleasant room and they sold beer.. I’m not sure if they’re all this good but yha edale definitely gets a thumbs up.

Well that’s stage one done.. would I wake up unable to move in the morning or would I spring from my bunk raring to tackle the next set of hills over to my second destination (Birch Vale)? I would get my answer when I woke.

Until tomorrow


13 thoughts on “Glossop to Edale – taking the beard for a walk.

  1. It’s good to hear form you again. Good luck on your post-Camino walk! It looks very difficult, and makes the Camino Frances truly look like a walk in the park. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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  2. Hi Andy, Max from Team Tortoise, home in Aus. Looked fun till the jagged rocks!

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  3. As always, a great read.
    Thank you.

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  4. Palma Hutchinson Jul 19, 2018 — 12:32 pm

    Well done Andy!

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  5. A very handsome lad that selfie cameraman.

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    1. Aww bless your obviously dodgy eyesight!


  6. Diane (diabo) Jul 21, 2018 — 5:22 am

    great to read your post and to know that you are back on the trail – looking forward to hearing all about it


  7. Hi Andy we met in the nags head when you arrived at edale, when you was a jibbering wreck unsurprisingly as I did the same route but in reverse on my mountain bike. Apart from the cascade of boulders. It was a fair old ride I must say tough terrain. Hope your well. David Knowles, Hyde


  8. Tough going, but it was even tougher for those who took part in the mass trespass of 1932 to establish the right to ramble across open country. At least you didn’t end up with a 6-month jail sentence after a confrontation with a gamekeeper! (Well, I hope you didn’t.)

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  9. I just want to say that you seem like a beautiful soul and I wish I had the opportunity to know you. (And generally speaking, I don’t want to know anybody)

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    1. Aw shucks I’ve gone all shy now.. but to be honest anything more than 15 minutes and I start to become annoying 😋


      1. Me too.

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      2. Think of poor team tortoise.. they had to put up with me for 5 weeks 🙂


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