The bag is packed!

Well folks, the time has come. I don’t fly to Porto until Tuesday (18th) but I’m setting off for Manchester today.

Unlike my first camino when I was packed, semi trained, prepared for every eventuality (including blizzards, avalanches, bear attacks, the possibility of have to eat vegetables) this time is quite different.. I grabbed most of my kit from last time, treated myself to some new socks and got it all into my backpack a good hour or so before I leave home.

The itinerary is one night in Grimsby and then Claire and I drive to Manchester to spend a couple of days together before I go. I’m hoping to catch up with my lovely (but completely random) daughter.. show Claire the sights of Manchester and maybe even sneak a small walk in the hills just for the fun of it.

Maybe it’s because the first Camino was only a few months ago (it feels both recent and a lifetime ago at the same time) but I’ve been much more relaxed about the whole affair. I must admit that now my bag is packed I’m starting to get excited.. Who knows what will happen? Will I meet some amazing people like I did last time, Will I find a dessert other than flan?

My main plan as think I’ve already told you is Porto to Santiago and then on to Finisterre but I’m not sure if there’s going to be more after that.. 320km doesn’t feel far enough. (Easy to say that while I’m lay here on my bed eating Jaffa cakes).

I would also like to say a huge thank you to the people that have donated through my link already. I’m hoping that if I manage to keep things as basic and cheap as possible I can possibly squeeze another week or so onto the end of this walk and write about some extra adventures!

If you would like to support me on my Camino please click on the link below.

See you soon!



3 thoughts on “The bag is packed!

  1. Going on to Finnisterre is great. I did that (by car) after walking from April (some of which with Team Tortoise) to the end of May 2018. I too would like toreturn to dothe Portuguese Way or the Northern Way next time whenever that is. It is a bit further to travel to get there from Australia than it is from Great Britian so needs more time, money and planning. Enjoy Amigo.

    Max Dickman, Brisbane, Aust.

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  2. I walked on to Muxia and stayed at the Little Fox House for a post Camino retreat. It was the perfect thing to do post camino and spend time reflecting on bringing the camino home and incorporating the lessons learned to everyday life. Tracey saunders is the hospitaliera and is a wealth of information. I would HIGHLY recommend staying there


  3. I just spent 5 hours straight reading through it all. Amazing experiences you had. So inspiring Andy. Thank you for sharing

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