Portuguese Camino Day 0

Camino 2 has began !!

I woke early and was dropped at the airport by Claire.. there wasn’t a huge amount of time to say goodbye so in no time at all I was off through the airport doors and the adventure was underway.

After a brisk rub down by airport security I was on a plane and ready to go. The moment I stepped on the plane the stewards obviously recognised I was a man of action.. a stout, trustworthy soul who could be in charge of the emergency exit. They asked if I would mind sitting in the seat with extra legroom (and also two empty seats beside me so I could spread out like a cat on a fireside rug) in the understanding that if we were to plummet from the sky I would be there to save all on board.. obviously I agreed and took up my position as potential saviour should the need arise.. 25 minutes later I was well into my second bottle of wine and had melted cheese splattered across my trousers. Some would argue that if the plane were to crash I may have been more of a hindrance than an asset but inside I was as vigilant as ever.

Luckily I made it to Portugal without incident and made my way onto the tram into Porto centre. On the tram a chap called out my name and it turned out he was a reader of my blog! We had a brief chat but then I had to hop off before I got chance to get his name. He commented on here with the username “B” so I’m hoping he’s called Bernard.. or maybe even Bartholomew.. I’m sure time will tell.

I had a wander around Porto up to the cathedral and took a few photos while I waited for my shiny-new walking buddy to arrive..

She was still an hour or so out so I took a couple more (cue additional photos)..

Walking and photo taking done I met up with my buddy. (From this point on we shall call her Celine.. because that’s her name).. we found a place to stay.

We popped to Decathlon to buy a walking pole and now as I sit here writing this evening is drawing in and food is calling.. I’m planning a quiet night.. up early tomorrow for day 1 walking and I’m still not exactly sure which path I’m taking yet.

The journey is underway.. who knows where it will take me.

Until tomorrow

Buen Camino!


8 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino Day 0

  1. Feels like old times, as I (laugh and) read your first post of your second Camino. Have a wonderful time!

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  2. Buen camino!

    I am envious, second camino this year😊

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  3. jeanscaminoforpalestine Sep 18, 2018 — 7:27 pm

    Look forward to following your journey. Good luck!

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  4. Looking forward to the adventure


  5. Looking forward to the adventure.

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  6. I look forward to following your new Camino (or is it Caminho in Portugal?). We spent a week in Porto after my Camino in the spring, I hope you have a chance to taste some port! Alas, your day is probably over as I read this, since I am in Canada.

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  7. Oddly enough my name is Chris! I dont knnow why Im set up as B? Great to see you on the tram in Porto Andy. Im still here until tomorrow and then back on the 29th for my Camino. Have a great time! Bom Camino!


  8. Davie Blisters Sep 19, 2018 — 12:18 pm

    Bom Caminho


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