CP Day 1 Porto – Vairão

We had a plan. It was a good plan that involved a reasonable distance for our first day… 15km ish .. a nice early finish and an all-round pleasant way to ease into the Camino.

We left Porto just after 9am and started the long walk through and out of town. To be honest the wasn’t too much that was blog worthy.. lots of shops, an occasional fountain or church tower but I’ve already posted photos in yesterday’s entry. The one thing I did they missing was the bridge but maybe next time.

We walked for a few hours and the scenery didn’t improve. It wasn’t horrible but just shops then houses etc. Our goal for the day was Moreira and we strolled along chatting and looked forward to our early finish.

Unfortunately when we arrived there were no beds.. we tried one, two, three hostels and hotels but no joy. After some frantic ringing around we managed to reserve a bed in a monastery a further 11 or so km further on..

The extra walking was roughly 2-3 hours more and or easy day turned into roughly a 29km day.

On the plus side I’ve learnt to speak Portuguese.. I now just say obrigado with various tones and inflections for pretty much any situation.. obrigado??. Si, obrigado!! I’m not sure how but it seems to be working well so far so I’m sticking with it.

With aching feet and much later then planned we arrived at the monestary in Vairão. Obviously I took a few photos to share with you lucky readers.

We grabbed a few bits from a local shop and returned to the monestary to eat.. unfortunately I had to write the blog and so Celine had to prepare the meal while I did the important stuff. (I can smell the meatballs as I write).

Day one flew by in a flash. The unplanned extra 11km wasn’t pleasant but it got us to an amazing hostel and as they always say, the camino provides!

All that remains is to sit in an Incredible building, talk with whomever doesn’t mind taking to a man with meatballs in his beard and watch the sunset before bed.


If you would like to help support me on my Camino you can donate using the link below.


Obrigado again!!


4 thoughts on “CP Day 1 Porto – Vairão

  1. Glad you’re having fun. I hope you strapped your feet. 😁😁 xx

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  2. Charlene Wolf Sep 19, 2018 — 9:23 pm

    Hola ANDY! Gregory and I are flying in from California on Friday and plan on walking on Saturday September 22. It’s funny we are have walked the same routes at the same times! I went solo the first route and now I am taking my partner as are you. Hopefully we are cross paths!

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    1. I hope so! I’m walking slow with my partner but none partner so you should catch up 🙂


  3. Hi Andy! Good to meet you on the tram! We had a couple of nights in Porto and I’m back home now. I’m back out there next Saturday to start my Camino from Porto. Enjoying your blog again! Good to have you back! Bom Camino!

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