CP Day 2 Vairão – São Pedro de Rates

After a long day yesterday I felt a shorter day was needed. Not because I’m lazy you understand, in fact my decision to walk a 14km day goes against my endurance athlete instinct. I pushed the preferred 40km days from my mind so that I could give you lovely readers extra posts from here to Santiago.

We left the monastery just after 8ish and walked through a misty drizzle toward Vilarinho to find the first coffee of the day. Knowing we only had 14km meant that we could stop more often than necessary and the plan was to make the most of a relaxed day. 20 minutes after setting off and the bags had already been propped up against a cafe wall, I was halfway through a chocolate croissant (I still need the sugar/energy just in case there was a hill/mountain that I hadn’t noticed in the guidebook)…(there wasn’t any) and I could tell this was going to be my kind of day.

We saw an occasional pilgrim or two but similar to yesterday the trail seemed very quiet. We passed through 3 or 4 villages.. grabbed a photo or two and continued to stop at every cafe we saw.

These photos were taken near Puente de Ave.

As we walked along the mostly flat trail I found myself thinking that even Randy would probably have made it this far without having to stoop over and grab his knees to catch his breath..

In no time at all (well, four and a half hours) we arrived in São Pedro de Rates. The church on the way into town is the most Romanesque church in all of Portugal (or so it says in my guidebook).

I tried to get photos of inside but unfortunately my Camera wasn’t up to the task.. I did however get a bit “arty” and managed to get this one.. (I know Randy loves a good church photo).

A short walk from the church and we were at the albergue.. it wasn’t open for an hour yet so we found a place to wait that sold hamburgers (not as good as the Santiago burger king).

It’s just after 4pm now, bag is unpacked. Clothes washed (by hand!)..

Due to no WiFi in the albergue I had to come to a bar and drink wine just so I could upload this post (honestly, the things I do for you lot…).

Time to sit back and wait for my socks to dry..

Until tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “CP Day 2 Vairão – São Pedro de Rates

  1. Looks like you are having a good start to your walk. Beautiful fog. Thank you for the sacrifices (bar & wine) that you make for your readers. We appreciate it.

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  2. Despite the hardships you describe, I’m green with envy – and verdigris! I’m sitting in an Irish albergue a.k.a backpackers’ hostel, enduring a temporary refuge from a biblical downpour, but at least I don’t have to wash my socks. Looking forward to all your subsequent posts and, I hope, a guest appearance from Celine. Keep up the good work…

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  3. Buen Camino!
    14km… very good.

    And hopefully not too many 25km+ days on your way to Santiago… for your feet and for me… for having longer fun with your blog.

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  4. Reading your blog from Australia this time rather than while walking alongside on the French Way as on your last Camino blog. How amazing that you are on a second Camino so soon but just maybe the long trek from Aus is a little more daunting and more expensive than from the UK ? I am enjoying the photos on your blog and on fb. Have lots of fun and “one foot in front of the other” my friend. Max

    Liked by 1 person

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