CP Day 6 Ponte de Lima – São Roque

Well, this could be the shortest post so far.. it’s nearly 9pm and I’ve just about gathered the energy to look through photos and consider holding my phone long enough to compose something. Celine and I left Ponte de Lima early knowing they there was a decent sized hill that we couldn’t do with climbing before the sun got too hot.

The walk out of Ponte de Lima was very pretty, across the river and off onto dusty paths that bisected vineyards and cornfields.

This was the first time it felt similar to the Camino Frances. Until today it has been predominantly asphalt, cobbles and the occasional trail but today the path took us along sun dappled forest paths with views into the wooded valley below us.

Things were going ok until we hit the hill.. I knew it was going to be steep but it still took me by surprise. Some parts were rocks that needed to be near enough climbed up.. with my heart pumping at roughly 300bpm and yesterday’s blog running around my brain (Andy the firework… Andy the firework…) I wheezed my way up and tried to ignore the images as my life flashed before my eyes.

As you’ve probably guessed, I did actually make it to the top without dying and from there on it was a pleasant 4km slope down to our hostel for the night.

The place is pleasant enough. The only downside is that there isn’t anything nearby to grab a drink or a meal but the owner offered to drive is a few km to a restaurant and arranged a lift back for us.

Anyway, I think that’s plenty considering the day I’ve had. It appears that my companion/proofreader has already fallen asleep.. (you can tell by the Dutch sounding Schnores).

I’ll have a quick flick through today’s photos and see if there’s a nice church to keep Canada’s favourite pilgrim happy.

Here’s hoping for a nice flat day tomorrow!



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