CP Day 7 São Roque – Valenca

After easily jogging over the hill yesterday I was dismayed to be back on the flat. A few km of trails but as we neared Valenca it was back onto cobbles and then tarmac.

There wasn’t even anything photo worthy for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pleasant enough but just very “samey” (definitely a real word).

We decided to stay in Valenca rather than Tui.. the two places are separated by a bridge over the river Minho which means we leave Portugal in the morning and enter Spain. Another interesting fact of the day is that we passed the halfway point between Porto and Santiago. (Obviously I use ‘interesting’ in the loosest sense).

We had a wander around the fortified center of Valenca and I took a few photos hoping that I could add loads on here and not have to write as much.. here goes …

More, I hear you ask??… Ok…

Ok, I admit I may have copped out slightly with the amount of description.. but a picture paints a thousand words so I think I’ve said plenty..

Oh and because Jessie has messaged saying I talk too much about Randy and not her I guess I should include this…

See? With me in spirit even if not in person..

I’m doing this so team tortoise doesn’t have to.. that’s true friendship for you right there!

Anyway, time to relax ready for a trip to another country tomorrow.. for the last time I will wish you all obrigado.. (I’m definitely going to find out what it means if I ever visit Portugal again).


1 thought on “CP Day 7 São Roque – Valenca

  1. LoL, it means Thank you, please all the same. Same as Gracias 🙂

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