CP Day 10 Redondela – Pontevedra

Today’s walk was just over 20km and the elevation figures of each village along the way looked quite similar, making for what should have been a relatively flat walk.

We left Redondela surrounded by thick mist and a very fine but constant drizzle. I checked the weather on my phone to see if we were in for a wet day.. apparently there was no chance of rain but 100% humidity.. maybe it’s just me being a bit slow but isn’t 100% humidity technically underwater?

Anyway we plodded on and were both overjoyed to learn that the villages along the way may have been on the same level but the path in between soared upwards and then back down in a style not dissimilar to a rollercoaster.. (it brought back memories of a few days on the Camino Frances).

Around midday the mist lifted just as we began the descent into Arcade.. by this point I’d worked out that it’s easiest to climb the hills on my hands and knees and slide down the other side on my bum. (There may be slight exaggeration here.. if you are considering walking the Portuguese I would consult a reliable guide book rather than listen to me).

The town of Arcade was ok, only a brief stop for coffee and then it was time to zigzag back up another ridiculous (but unmentioned in my guide book) hill.

A few km after Arcade the trail splits, offering either a slightly shorter option along a shadeless dangerous road or an extra km following a shaded riverside path..

The shade won. After more ups and downs than I care to remember the path levelled out and the going was good..

Another day done, another 21km closer to Santiago. The amount of asphalt is starting to take it’s toll on my feet and I’m hoping to try and fit a couple of really short days in. Some people take a full rest day but I prefer to do two short days every now and then… at least it feels like I’m still moving forward even if it’s only 10 or so km. I’ll have to check the guide and see if there’s any albergues halfway to the next destination.

Until tomorrow.



1 thought on “CP Day 10 Redondela – Pontevedra

  1. Sorry to hear you are having some ups and downs on your Camino–but that’s just like Life. Great photos!

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