A sneaky follow up question

As I sit here contemplating my navel.. a thought occurred… (They’re rare but they do happen)… Finisterra is an option… But so is the Camino Inglés… That would be 3 Caminos in a year… Am I “that” kind of guy?


11 thoughts on “A sneaky follow up question

  1. I think the walk to Finisterra is also its own camino so technically you win either way!. Enjoy either way😊

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  2. ……That is not your body……..


  3. Or you could come to New Zealand and walk the Te Araroa Trail…

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    1. Will it be less than 30 euros on a train? 🙂


  4. And yes, you are that kind of guy!

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  5. I just saw you! In the time my brain processed ‘why does that person look familiar’, you were gone. I may ride the tour trolley and watch for you….

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    1. I’ve just got back to my hostel and saw your message! Are you sure it was me though?? There’s a few bearded pirate looking types hanging around! 🙂


      1. I suppose we’ll never know…

        Though I feel quite sure.

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      2. Well if you’re wandering around later or maybe even heading toward finisterra tomorrow keep an eye out!! I’ll look for anyone that maybe called Carrie 🙂


      3. This Carrie is on the midnight train to Canada! (And until then, people watching in the square)

        Buen Camino….


      4. You can’t be watching very hard.. I’m in the square:p


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