To the end of the world! Day 1 Santiago – Negreira

I left my hostel before dawn and wandered through the dark streets of Santiago without actually knowing where the trail was. The plan was to find someone that looked like they were heading to Finisterra and follow them until I found the yellow arrows. Luckily enough it worked and a km or so later I was climbing out of Santiago and heading toward Sarela de Abaixo where my trusty guidebook had promised pleasant views back over the cathedral. It was still a bit dark when I got there but I still whipped my camera out and took a couple of snaps hoping that one would turn out ok.

I was walking alone until a little American lady zoomed up seemingly from nowhere and introduced herself as Suzy.. whilst I’m sure the conversation was engaging she kept increasing her pace and it felt rude not to keep up while she was talking.. within a few minutes we were practically jogging.. she didn’t appear to notice that I was goggle-eyed with exertion and my only input into the conversation was the occasional breathless “Aaah” or “mmm-hmm” (in my defence I had my full pack and she had sent hers ahead so was walking unencumbered). After a while I pointed to a large rock and gestured that I was going to have a sit down.. I swerved to the side of the trail and tried to stop myself from losing consciousness.. Suzy sprinted off with a cheery wave and soon crested a hill and was out of sight.. shortly after I heard a small boom in the distance.. I assumed she’d just broken the sound barrier on the way down the other side of the hill.

The remainder of the day was pretty uneventful.. a pleasant enough 22km apart from an hour or so spent climbing a surprisingly steep hill into Carballo.

It’s difficult to show the steepness with a photo but trust me it was a decent ascent.

After the climb things went much smoother.. a pleasant amble through a few small villages (Ponte Maceira was nice) until I reached Negreira and found a bed for the night.

(The bridge leading into Ponte Maceira)

22km done.. 68 more until I reach the end of the world.. and more importantly the end of my Camino which means only one thing.. Burger king!


3 thoughts on “To the end of the world! Day 1 Santiago – Negreira

  1. I remember that hill well, very steep.You have another before reaching your goal. Nice private albergue in negrera, I had a single bed there, no bumped head for the day. When you are close to Finestera have your camera ready, a magnificent view of the sea suddenly appears. Enjoy the rest of this walk it is memorable.

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  2. I had a good chuckle as you described your super-sonic walking partner upon leaving Santiago.

    Yes, Finnisterre is a wonderful sight when you arrive there, believe me. I and my Aussie walking companion treated ourselves to a stunningly beautiful BnB in Finnesterre as our reward for completing the Camino Frances on 1 May 2018.

    Enjoy your final leg to the “end of the world” my Amigo!

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  3. Seems like many of us remember the hill you refer to. I kept this thinking all the way to finisterra ,we are near ocean why is it still so much up and down.. it continues etc.

    Make sure to have a few sancka in your oack as i found cafes far and few between. If you stop in cee, there will be great food along with the first ocean views… buen camino!

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