The camino bug

With only six weeks to go until I was meant to start my next walk things have taken a dark path. Spain is currently locked down, all flights cancelled, albergues, bars, restaurants have been closed until further notice. Regardless of how much I want to go, the reality is that it will be months before things turn to normal.. maybe the camino will start accepting pilgrims soon but the thought of sharing an albergue with 20 others whilst having one of the inevitable coughs or colds picked up along the way doesn’t appeal.. I imagine anyone with even an innocent cold would elicit a very nervous response from others along the way.

Until now I have been hoping that there’s time for things to improve and that I may still be able to fly to Biarritz on April 23rd but I guess that isn’t going to be an option. My Camino is over before its begun.

There’s going to be thousands of people that had planned to walk that are now unable to do so.. For some it will have been their first time.. Others will have walked the routes many times, like revisiting an old friend each year.  months, maybe years, of planning, saving and planning, only to be scuppered before a step has been taken.

I’m lucky enough to have walked a few times and instead of walking this year I guess I can sit back with a glass of vino and flick through the many photos of caminos past. I am a member of several online groups/forums but the majority of posts make for very depressing reading at the minute so I’ve decided to make my own. (I’ve just noticed that even this post has started out very negatively.. hopefully it’ll end on a high note)

I thought I’d share a few photos with you. For people who have never walked I hope it will give you something to look forward to. And for those that have been there and got the t-shirt I hope it will bring back some great memories. Anyway, fingers crossed things will improve sooner rather than later.. until then grab a glass of wine, make yourself a bocadillo and enjoy the photos.
Well I hope that helped a bit.. I may post some more and maybe some from the Camino Portuguese too.. I could also include a description of each photo if it helps… I’ll see if anyone drops me a like or a comment.
Until next time
Buen camino


5 thoughts on “The camino bug

  1. Ahh, memories. That’s all we have for now, thanks for sharing. The Camino is alive within us.


  2. Sometimes when we can’t have things they become more precious; my only Camiño is approaching 1 year anniversary, I’ll lace my shoes locally, remember walking into cathedral courtyard, greeting friends from Australia & Russia, and maybe make Spanish omelette!


  3. Thank you Andy, so many great memories for me in these photos. Looking forward to your Portuguese memories next.


  4. Wonderful Post Andy! I too hope for sooner rather than later. Stay Healthy.


  5. Thank you for sharing! Happy memories indeed! We were planning to walk across England in May – Hadrian’s Wall walk from Solvay-Upon-Bowness to Newcastle. Sadly, we also are rescheduling – hoping to do it in the fall, but am not sure even that will be possible.

    One lesson from my Camino in 2017 – the pilgrimage takes many forms. Your camino (although delayed) has already started. When you DO get to take the next walk, this will be part of that experience… stay safe. Keep walking.


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