Part 1. A reluctant camping adventure

Two years ago to the day I was heading out on my Camino Portuguese adventure. Since then I’ve been predominantly horizontal and find myself shockingly unfit.. With this in mind I’ve decided to go for a walk up a huge hill in the Peak District.. Bizarrely this isn’t the craziest part of the plan.. I’ve also bought a tent and a cheap camping mat and I’ve decided to try a night under the stars for the first time in years.. what could go wrong?

The peak on the left is the first goal… then walk along the ridge for a few km and circle back.

I’ve just got to the site.. it’s 4.30pm and lovely and sunny.. They’ve put me in a corner on a steep slope.. presumably they don’t want me embarrassing other campers with my outdoor skills… Time to put up a brand new tent for the first time.

It’s now 6.30pm.. I’ve just finished putting the tent up. I hadn’t worried about putting the tent up as I had seen a folded piece of paper in the bag.. I assumed it was the instructions… It turns out it was a safety guide that stated in large letters “READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO ERECT TENT”… Of course there were no other instructions included.. “Never mind!” I hear you cry. “Surely your (near aboriginal) survival skills saw you through the lack of instructions” …

My knees are covered in grass stains.. My t-shirt is wringing wet through with perspiration. I’m on my third beer and the tent is looking less than professional. I managed to break a pole (surely a manufacturing fault). The tent is lopsided.. if rain was forecast I’d probably not risk staying in it but it’s going to be a perfect evening so bugger it I’ll give it a go.

Did I mention I’m also on the bit of the field where the grass has run out? At least I’ll have none of that pesky grass cushioning my soft, overweight body from that rock hard soil.. I’ve decided to throw on tomorrow’s t-shirt (this one has started to attract flies) and go to the pub to see if I can rustle up something involving cheese.. I wasn’t going to indulge in a large amount of alcohol this evening due to the walk tomorrow but I think I better have two or three drinks just to get me through the night..

I’ve also just realised that I’ve forgotten to pack a jacket. It’s already starting to get a bit chilly now the sun has set behind the hills.. I’m wearing two jumpers to walk to the pub.

I made it to the pub! There’s real ale and WiFi.. I guess I’ll post this now and then fill you in on any other adventures tomorrow.. it may have been a slightly rocky start to the adventure but surely the worst is behind me and it’ll be a breeze from here on..


4 thoughts on “Part 1. A reluctant camping adventure

  1. Yes! You are back!

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  2. Love it already n you have only started out

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  3. Love your Camino posts they always make me smile xx

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  4. Paul and Sabrina Sep 18, 2020 — 12:26 pm

    Good to meet you in Edale and get the tent story first hand

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