Day 42 Santiago de Compostela

It feels like forever since the last time I woke up and didn’t have to strap the backpack on and set off early.

Randy went out and had breakfast but I decided to stay in the room and get ready slowly. A couple of hours later Randy was back and we decided to walk up to the cathedral. We went inside and had a look around, it was 2 hours before the midday mass but already people were claiming their seats so as to get a good view of the service. Randy and I did the tourist thing, slowly walking around the hushed corners staring at churchy stuff. A small part of me was impressed but the majority of me was asking why I was in a church.. I took a couple of photos of the botafumeiro and then a few more of anything that looked photo-worthy.. uttered a couple of appreciative mmm’s at the impressiveness of the artwork and architecture and then decided I needed some cheese.

I apologise for the quality of the photos, my camera doesn’t do well indoors but I’m sure there’s plenty of photos on the internet if your botafumeiro lust hasn’t been sated.

I left Randy in the cathedral, he was eyeing up one of the confessional booths and I assumed if he decided to unburden his sins he would be in there for a while. I bought some cheese and sat watching the mix of pilgrims and locals trudge or limp by.

Strangely, today although I have nothing to do I feel less introspective.. yesterday felt like the end but today feels more like a new beginning. Plans are forming for the next adventure, in a week or so I travel back to Manchester and will have a chance to tackle one of the training hills that nearly killed me. I have a feeling I will find it less of a challenge compared to 3 months ago.

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12 thoughts on “Day 42 Santiago de Compostela

  1. Cheese. Life’s motivator.


  2. WOW! That was a Camino well done! Congratulations! I find the hardest part of walking the Camino is going home and getting settled back into everyday ordinary life…and not walking 15-25km/day. I’ve been home five days now, and I just managed to do my first load of laundry – everything seems so complicated, compared to Camino Life. It will take a while for my head and my body to get back into my home time zone…but downloading and organizing my thousands of photos will help to keep me connected to the journey. I hope you have a wonderful last days of your Camino and that you feel justifiably very proud of your accomplishments!!! HOORAY!
    P.S. I am very happy that I got to meet you briefly in the square in Ponferrada!

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  3. Andy, many congratulations – I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will miss your wry wit and acerbic observations. Keep it up!

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  4. Well Done Andy. Hollins Cross will be a breeze now. If you need a pal to walk it with you just say the word. Start in the Nags in Edale then move on to The Ramblers and then “sprint up” Hollins Cross for more refreshments in Castleton. Thanks for the blog and all the laughs. You did the camino proud

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    1. Hi pal, are you still around? I could do with a quick chat. Andy.


  5. Andy, what will I do without my early morning Camino fix now that you have made it to Santiago?
    Seriously, I’ve enjoyed every step of the way with you. I’ve laughed and commiserated with you and relived my own Camino for the past 42 days.
    I blogged daily through my Camino in September/October last year and I know it isn’t as easy as you’ve made it look. Well done you!! Congratulations on getting to Santiago and congratulations most of all for doing it your way. Keep with the book idea, eh!

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  6. I don’t believe this is the end. By the way, I think your line about needing some cheese is arguably your bst. Congrats, Andy. A fantastic achievement, thanks so much for sharing your great sense of humour…

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  7. Well done sir. And thanks for the entertaining diary. Do it again whydontcha

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  8. Thanks for sharing your Camino with us. You sound so different than the Andy I first read about on Ivars forum. Again congratulations and keep us informed how life is treating you after the camino

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  9. Well done Andy.
    Tell me how long did it take to get your compostela given you were there at 1pm? I’m 2 days behind.


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    1. About 2.5 hours queuing I went around 3ish I think.. People say go earlier but other people say it’s just as bad.

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  10. Sal in Castleton Jun 3, 2018 — 10:06 am

    Well done Andy. Sounds like quite a trip. The peak district hills will hold no fear now!

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