Day 41 Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela

Well I’m stood in the queue to receive my Compostela. Apparently it’s a couple of hours so I decided to start today’s blog entry.

The last 18km today was just a blur. Randy and I took our time and chatted our way along. I don’t actually remember much about the scenery.. i remember a few hills (obviously) but very little else as today was more about getting to the end as opposed to the usual plod along enjoying the day.

We arrived in Santiago at around 1ish. Randy had arranged a hotel for the night.. no rubber pillows … No annoying snoring people (apart from me). We got cleaned up and walked straight to the place I had dreamed about for the last 6 weeks.. Burger King!! It was there, in the moment that I unwrapped my prize that it hit me, the walk was done. I believe there is a cathedral to visit but that could wait for later.. I didn’t think I would be emotional but something about that calorie filled burger brought a lump to the throat.. luckily I had a large sesame seed bun to dab the tears from my cheeks.

Ok, so truth be told there were no tears. Randy and I congratulated each other on a job well done and off we went to get our certificate..

As we were walking toward the pilgrim’s office who should we meet but one of the original team tortoise members. Candy!!! We hugged it out, caught up with who had been where and what’s coming next and then lined up for a team selfie!

I have a full day tomorrow to look around properly and there’s a strong chance I will go to the cathedral for the pilgrim’s mass at noon. The walk may be coming to an end but I plan to go back and tackle one of the training hills from 2 months ago. I’m curious to see if I can climb it any quicker. Plus I intend to gather my blog entries and combine them with the bits I left out and some other stuff to make a small book which hopefully people would enjoy reading. (Writing the blog on a mobile phone has definitely had an effect on the quality and quantity of my posts so I’m hoping that once I get home infront of a pc things will be better presented) There’s a few things in the pipeline so I’m looking forward to getting home and getting started. One more day in Santiago though and there’s still an hour or so to wait in this queue.

I’ll add a few photos but will make more of an effort tomorrow when I have a full day to look around.

Until tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “Day 41 Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela

  1. Congratulations! Glad you had sunshine for the entry into the city
    Have you decided to forgo muxia and or fisterra?


  2. Congratulations! Mission accomplished! Thanks for sharing the journey.

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  3. Sybil hollins May 28, 2018 — 3:35 pm

    Felt really emotional reading that it was like I had done it and didn’t want it to end

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  4. Congratulations Andy! Maybe your three cigarette hill will be two as you whiz up. Look forward to your updates.

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  5. Congratulations, Andy! Your inner softie has a few tears, I am sure, but you will not let them be seen! Really, well done and I look forward to the sequel. Have a great time with your team and safe trip home.

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  6. Many thanks for keeping this journal. I’ve only been able to do a bit at a time, so it has been a real pleasure reading your blog. I am now extremely envious of you and am eager to get going again! I look forward to seeing what comes next! Buen Camino!

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  7. Enjoy your time in Santiago. You’ve earned some R&R and a comfy bed.


  8. A fine job Andy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us all. Go and rest and a safe way home to the UK for you.

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  9. Well Done Andy.

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  10. Congratulations Andy, it’s a wonderful achievement. I have enjoyed your updates, thank you. Irn Bru Will taste totally amazing when you get home

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  11. Dear Andy, thank you for such an interesting, uplifting, humurous, enjoyable and worth-the-read blog of your Camino adventure in search of the holy santiago burger. I hope you found everything you knew you were searching for, a few surprises along the Way, and many new friends, and something special and new about yourself and life and God and st. James and and and. Thank you and may your life be full of Love, Light and Nature, and not too many burgers. Congrats to you and your buddies. Keith.

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  12. Congratulations. I’ve enjoyed following you, and look forward to seeing what you have planned next.

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  13. Congratulations! Quite an achievment! And may St James keep an eye on you even when you leave Santiago…

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  14. Nathan Bissonette May 28, 2018 — 8:34 pm

    Congratulations. I will arrive there tomorrow. Perhaps I will see you at Mass.

    Looking forward to your next blog Adventure. If you’re still considering hiking, can I recommend the Appalachian Trail? 2000 miles and everyone speaks English. Well, American. Well, except some of the people in Appalachia. But there are Burger King’s. Except along the trail. Okay, you know what, maybe not the Appalachian Trail. I hear Germany is nice.

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  15. Well done Andy! We have been following you since day one. Loved your commentary. An inspiration for our start in late September.
    Thanks and safe trip home.
    Randy, Mar and Kay

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  16. What now, that I don’t have your daily post to look forward to? Whether you know it or not, this impacts me too, you know. 😉 Safe travels home to more new adventures.

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  17. Congratulations, Andy. I was going to write that since you are in now camino shape you should keep going. However, I sense that the goal has been reached and that you feel fulfilled.

    It has been great reading your blog for the past three months. Your commentary kept me laughing and the pictures from your phone were just brilliant.

    Enjoy Santiago! Do not forget to go to the market and try the bacalao empanada (one with a maiz/corn base) if you can find it there. The gastronomic options in Galicia are amazing. Drink plenty of white wine and move past the bocadillos de queso, please.

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  18. mylifeonvacation May 29, 2018 — 1:54 am

    Congrats!! It’s been such a pleasure following along with your adventure!

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  19. Congratulations and well done. Bitter sweet moment as always. I’ve enjoyed sharing your walk so many thanks for making the effort to blog each day. Have a good trip home.

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  20. Well done Andy! Great achievement! I hope one day I will be able to do it. Until then blogs like yours will have to do for now. I am planning 2 weeks on the Portuguese Camino in September. Cant wait.

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  21. Congratulations!! Thanks for taking us along. Ultreia

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  22. As read the last few posts, I wondered to myself if you might create a book from your blog. GREAT IDEA!!! Enjoy your last few days!

    [… I intend to gather my blog entries and combine them with the bits I left out and some other stuff to make a small book which hopefully people would enjoy reading.]


  23. Well done Andy! Really enjoyed your blog! Can’t wait for the book!

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